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Daily Archive: Friday, November 22, 2019

Your grades are not the most important to me. My children, my Marias, my greatest loves, your notes are not the most important to me. I’ll say it again. Your grades are not the most important to me. And if I ever say they are, please oblige me to read this text aloud at least 10 times. Your grades are not the most important to me. In the midst of all the uncertainties surrounding maternity decisions, here I have no doubts. Do I want you to have good grades? I really want. Do I want you to strive and be good students? I really want. But there are 10 things (maybe even more) that to me are more important than your notes and do not [&hellip

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7 Things that make Your Kids Happy

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Every parent knows what they want for their children. Or at least they assume that they know and believe that they are educating them and preparing them for the future in order to achieve the planned objectives. But have you really thought about this? Do not assume you know the answer. Take a simple exercise, spend a day thinking about the question: What do I really want for my children? There are days when we just want them to clean their rooms, do their homework, and sleep a good night’s sleep. In others, we delineate well-defined plans and begin to build what we consider to be the first foundations of their castles. But the truth is that the answer is simple and unanimous: what we [&hellip

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