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Daily Archive: Tuesday, September 15, 2020

10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

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Have you ever wondered how to make your dog happy? How do you usually feed him? Do you let him smell everything within his grasp? And are regular walks usually part of your routine? In this article, we will share some advice so that your pet will feel like the king of your home. Let’s get to know 10 ways to make your dog happy. Try to keep it clean and brushed Dogs like to feel clean and cared for. Therefore, one brushing regularly not only can make your most beautiful animal but also helps prevent some skin diseases. Besides, this moment is very important, both for the animal and for the owner, since it helps strengthen the bond between them. Of course, you will [&hellip

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After months of dating a cat, a neighbor came to me with the utmost dismay. To help my plate, I asked him why he was like that and the guy told me that the relationship had lost its breath, looking like a shadow of what it was at first. The main doubt of my neighbor was this: how to make dating become like before? Well, I advised the boy according to my own experiences, after all, I had been in a very similar situation for some time. It was enough to remind me of everything I had done to help my comrade make that fire before it lit again, guaranteeing an upward relationship to him. Here’s how to make dating become like before   1. [&hellip

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It is worth mentioning that the MEI can bill up to 60 thousand reais per year, that is, the value of invoices issued cannot exceed this amount. In addition, it does not need to issue tax notes to individuals. Although it seems simple to be MEI, many people have doubts, after registering, on the correct way to issue an invoice. To heal all of them, we elaborated this post. Check out! Attention! According to CAT VARIATION N ° 162/2008, CHAPTER VI, regardless of whether or not it is MEI, the issuer and the recipient of the NFe must save the XML of the NFe for a period of 5 years, for submission to the tax authorities. Receive and store 100% of the NFes issued against [&hellip

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