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Daily Archive: Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Structural and Types of plates

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In this site, the expression structural plaques refer to panels that have characteristics that allow them to impart rigidity to the structure of the building, resisting vertical and lateral loads. Usually, these plates are bolted to the structure of walls, floors, and roofs, constituting a structural diaphragm. Their mechanical characteristics, thicknesses, and spacing of the screws that fix them to the metallic elements are defined by engineering calculations, as determined by the legislation, namely in EC5. In addition to the function of counter-balancing the metal structure, these plates also serve to coat the skeleton of the building, providing support for subsequent exterior finishing materials, such as the ETICS system. From the inside, they close the cavity between profiles, space where are placed the materials of [&hellip

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13 Brilliant Ideas for Your Home with Less Than 50 Euros Who said that the most innovative solutions are always the most expensive These pictures are proof of the opposite! Sometimes it’s really not enough to add a brilliant touch to our home. Let’s go along with the photographs proposed by our experts and we find 13 brilliant home ideas for less than 50 euros. From the hooks under the kitchen shelves to the modular furniture, 13 simple and cheap tricks to add a touch of novelty. A lively color for an old furniture We give new personality to our home by painting a vibrant old-fashioned color, perhaps choosing a contrasting shade with the existing decor an inexpensive and impressive idea, much used by home [&hellip

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