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Daily Archive: Friday, November 4, 2022

7 Things that make Your Kids Happy

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Every parent knows what they want for their children. Or at least they assume that they know and believe that they are educating them and preparing them for the future in order to achieve the planned objectives. But have you really thought about this? Do not assume you know the answer. Take a simple exercise, spend a day thinking about the question: What do I really want for my children? There are days when we just want them to clean their rooms, do their homework, and sleep a good night’s sleep. In others, we delineate well-defined plans and begin to build what we consider to be the first foundations of their castles. But the truth is that the answer is simple and unanimous: what we [&hellip

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How to Mix and Match Colors with Colored Pencils – Color pencils are transparent, but it is not possible to blend colors as if you were using paint or pastels. To form the color blends, you need to create layers on top of the color layer. The color wheel is a useful reference tool for understanding color relationships. Knowing where each color is in the circle color makes it easy to understand how the colors relate and react one with the other. In the image above, the basic color wheel is formed by the three primary colors and the minor ones in smaller, centered colors in the tertiary colors. Knowing a little about basic color theory can really help you in drawing with crayons. Use [&hellip

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