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Daily Archive: Monday, November 7, 2022

8 Ways To Expand Your Home On A Budget How to expand your home without spending too much Over time it may happen that suddenly our needs change and there is a need for more space, or simply what we have there is not enough because we too have things to fix this is the time when we need a ‘ extension. The issue of expanding the house is that this often involves significant spending, have to deal with the hardships of a new building, the dust, the noise during the day … But there are ways to expand your home by creating adjacent rooms in a simple and economical. That said, we have to start with the ideas! A note of liveliness furnish with [&hellip

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How To Read Photography Picture

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How To Read Photography Picture –┬áLet’s take Stuart Franklin’s picture, Tiananmen Square (1989), as an example stylistically responds to very few rules. But he won a Pulitzer Prize for the meaning he is embarrassed. In fact, when we look at a photo we always have to ask at least three questions what, how and why. What did he want to capture the photographer How did this photo take effect, what rules did it apply But especially why did you decide to capture that exact moment Another aspect a photographer has to take into account is the relationship between photography (the shot taken) and the reality two distinct things that often and willingly will very hardly succeed in merging. The more the subject will be attractive [&hellip

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