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Daily Archive: Friday, November 11, 2022

If you’re among those eager to bring Smart Reply to your Android, know your chance has arrived. The Google is finally available to download for a tool for the public – although not yet within the Play Store, but as an APK. For those who do not know anything about the app, Smart Reply is a tool that uses AI to provide quick responses to your emails and messages according to context. So, instead of having to write everything, just choose one of the three options offered, without too many complications. It is worth noting that the software was originally an Inbox exclusivity, but it eventually reached Gmail on Android and iOS, Google Allo and Android Messages. Currently, the company wants to bring the technology [&hellip

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Do you know what a CPU is?

Posted in Computers

You may have heard different answers to this question. One of the most common is that in which they associate the CPU name with the set of pieces that make the computer work, that “box” where one has the hard disk, motherboard and so on. Well, this “crate” is not the CPU but the computer case. But some people insist on using this erroneous nomenclature. The CPU – Central Processing Unitor Central Processing Unit (CPU) in Portuguese – is an integrated circuit that controls all the operations and the functioning of the computer, responsible for the execution of calculations, logical decisions, and instructions that result in all the tasks that a computer can do. It acts by interpreting and executing the instructions provided by software [&hellip

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