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Daily Archive: Friday, May 12, 2023

aaPanel is a very easy hosting control panel that works on CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu. I would opt for CentOS 7 as some of their one-click applications (such as a DNS Manager) are only possible for CentOS; they also recommend CentOS on the forums, albeit nowhere else. With this marvelous panel, it’s probable to manage websites, databases and FTP accounts by default. A DNS Manager is also there, but just for CentOS 7. It also includes a mail server with a simple click. It offers different flavors of Nginx, Apache, MySQL, PHP Static/PHP-FPM (PHP 5-7+), Redis, Memcached, etc, that must be installed easily by a click; and if you’re not on CentOS, the build compiles these by default – this stage can be a little [&hellip

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