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4 Truths That Will Grow Your Business

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Being truly honest with the business helps us make better decisions. Write your truths, believe me you and your business will thank you.

Yes, it is true that we can learn from the experiences of others, especially if we are good observers and we know how to listen. But the reality is that there will never be better learning than the one that comes from a situation that we live or experience in our own flesh.

I have been saying for a while that I have learned more in the year and a half that I have as an entrepreneur, than what I learned from 20 to 30. And it’s true! I think that when you give up, and leave that comfort zone, you just get more banged up and face the truths of life.

And I’m convinced that if someone else does not tell us, we’re hardly going to take them seriously. To take them into account, here are the four truths that will grow your business.

4 Truths That Will Grow Your Business

1. Without self-motivation we are screwed

We are all constantly looking for sources of motivation. And not only for work and for business, the reality is that we look for all aspects of our life. And the truth is that we look for those sources out there or we try to hang up from someone else. What if the family, what if the diet, what if the sport, what if the vacation, and so on. When the reality is that being motivated depends solely and exclusively on ourselves. It is a state of mind that only we can control and nurture.

Being motivated is not a matter of one day a year and voila, this is everyday work. I am convinced that knowing how to motivate us causes us to have a better attitude, greater security, greater ambitions, desire to grow and simply brings us closer to achieving that goal. Being able to be motivated and make it just depend on you, causes immediate results.

I invite you to read “Be obsessed or be average” by Grant Cardone. Please, as soon as you read it, write to me and we will comment on it. I think it has a concept of motivation very different from what we know today.

2. It is always better to say yes, even if sometimes you do not want to

Of course you have to measure risks and always do it intelligently, but when situations arise where you have to go for the yes or no, I have learned that it is better to say yes.

Normally we are very busy, we have little time and we are so focused on a task that we miss opportunities to avoid deconcentration. That if some friends invite you to take the shell on Tuesday night and it gives you laziness, if you ask for a date the cousin of the friend to talk about a business or if it is your grandmother’s birthday and you have to go to cut the cake, et cetera, et cetera.

To all this it is better to say yes. By saying yes, we create opportunities, and the truth is that something good will always come out. Nobody ever became rich by staying locked in his office. Of the “yes” you hardly regret the “no” almost always, do not you think?

3. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the party and the weekends

How truly committed are we to achieving that goal? The reality is that we are half hypocrites. We all want to achieve easy and separate results, as long as they are given from Monday to Thursday, right? I am not saying that you have to work 20 hours a day and not leave the office until you get what you want, but it is a reality that sometimes you have to be willing to sacrifice certain things to achieve your goals. If you are not willing to make sacrifices then do not complain about not having reached the result. If you have more information you can follow at this site omdimas

4. If you want to advance and grow, you have to read

It is impressive how we still do not realize as a society, that reading is the key to accelerate our growth. And I included myself, because the truth, I was one of those who did not read and I’m sorry to say it. But today I consider reading as something fundamental and more for someone who is starting a business or is looking to start.

The information there is, it is our responsibility and obligation to access it to learn something new every day. Reading gives us more perspective and automatically increases our chances to achieve our goals. We have to stop pretexting and start reading. I assure you that reading always adds up and never subtracts.

The vast majority of the time we are not 100% honest with us and, without a doubt, the first ones to whom we would have to tell the truths is ourselves.

Being truly honest with the business helps us make better decisions. Grab a paper and a pen and write your truths, believe me you and your business will thank you.

As always, all comments, suggestions and criticisms welcome.

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