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You may have heard the saying A Trend is your Friend until it Bends. Technical Analysis helps us to identify a trend so we can jump on and ride it until it changes. Since the Forex market has powerful trends, technical analysis is a very useful technique. Some traders persist in trading against the trend; they argue with it even though price movements are obviously in a trend. Buying when the currency is in a basic downtrend or selling when it’s in an uptrend, instead of buying. Our primary purpose is to identify the major trend, intermediate trend and the short term trends and place trades in that direction. We then hold the position until our calculations suggest otherwise. Heres a quote from Jesse Livermore, [&hellip

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Naming Your Local Business

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Usually, this name wouldn’t create a positive image for a movie theater. But in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, where glacial potholes in the Deerfield River running through the village are a cherished part of the landscape, the name works well. When naming a business whose geographical reach and clientele are mainly local, you can use nicknames, regional or city lore, local in-jokes and historical references that might be lost on outsiders. Subliminally, these kinds of names drive home the message, “We’re rooted in your community.” Besides the features of the landscape, consider these sources of inspiration: * City nicknames. Some residents of Northampton, Massachusetts affectionately refer to it as “Noho,” so a local studio calls itself Noho Yoga. Happy Valley Gifts in nearby Amherst also plays [&hellip

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Flow of business development has increased quite sharply at this time. This condition is likened to “die one grow a thousand”. When a business goes bankrupt, businesses in the same field are starting to surface. Developments in the business world should be welcomed because it will indirectly expand employment in the country. On the other hand, the country’s cash reserves will also increase. However, businesspeople are often afraid because business development creates a fairly tight competition, especially for businesses that are engaged in the same field. There are times when the business also becomes aka stuck alias abruptly. In order for businesses to grow, do the following tips. 1. Performing Performance Measures Every Year Business development can be determined by assessing business as a whole. [&hellip

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