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Name of the Newest Male Hair Style Model

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Learning about the name of a male hairstyle is the best way to get a good haircut anyway when you visit a salon or barber.

When you come to the barber without knowing the exact hairstyle model name, the hair cutter will be confused and the most feared thing is to cut hair that does not fit your wishes.

Name of the Newest Male Hair Style Model

For children’s hairstyle you might easily say “short shaved bang, cut cigar bang, side cut thin bang, and others”, but what about you, adult man?

In this article, we will notify and explain the names of styles or hairstyle of men around the world (international), of course we will also include pictures / photos of the hairstyle that is intended.

Male Hairstyles Top Models

A hairstyle model has a variety of variations in it. To help you find it, here’s a list of the coolest hairstyle models 2017 for men. If you are interested in one hairstyle, be sure to remember his name or if not, just save the picture and show it to your subscription barber.

Pompadour Hair Style Model

Pompadour hair model is a hairstyle that has a thin hair section of the lower side and high on the top. For people who do not know his name used to call him the hair model of a side cropped man. Pompadour is a unique hairstyle, the most noticeable feature is its top that resembles a crest.

Not only adult men, this hairstyle can also be applied for boys. If you want to try it, prepare pomade for long lasting hair.

Quiff Hair Style Model

Quiff hair style model is actually almost the same as the pompadour model, The difference is if the hair pompadour hair combing hair model to the back while the quiff hair model directs it forward. Sometimes there is also a combination of both hairstyles. Also read: The preferred female quiff hairstyle on hairstyles blog.

Model Hair Style Undercut

Many people mistakenly describe the undercut hair model, there is a similarity between pompadour, quiff, and undercut, the difference is that if quiff and pompadour there is hair degradation from the nape and increasingly thickened on the top of the hair while the Model Undercut no degradation whether it’s bald hair shaved, 1 cm and 2 cm most important is to have the same length without fading degradation.

Top-Knot Hair Style Model

Clearly visible, the top knot hair man model has a characterized hair tied upwards. In this type of daily life can be suitable for long hairstyle male and short haircut model side.

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