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Simple Doorbell Electronic Project

Posted in Education By Robert

An electronic project is developing from time to times. Maybe you knew some of the electronic devices that are really glorious at their time. Such as doorbell. At this time, we don’t see many people using the traditional doorbell, they are known prefer to use some advanced tools with some developing technologies. But do you know that making those advance smart tools is begin with this simple doorbell circuit?

Nowadays, the doorbell is advanced more and more, there are many of technician of an electronic project much more developing the using of a doorbell. I am sure if you have seen a doorbell with an alarm, it will help us to recognize if someone coming inside our house without pushing the doorbell.

How to Make a Simple Doorbell Electronic Project with IC N555

Today I am going to show you how to make this simple electronic project of doorbell using the most available IC. The IC N555 is easy to be found at the store, isn’t it?!

I hope this article will remind and also educating you on how to make a doorbell.

What you need then? Here are some components you have to prepare:

  1. IC N555
  2. 8-ohm small speaker
  3. 33kohm resistors (4 pieces)
  4. Switch button on/of
  5. 22mf/16 volts and 100 mf/16 volts Elco
  6. Two diodes (IN 4001)
  7. 9 volts battery.

You can imitate this pattern below: (since I don’t find any pattern that is matched with my components above) you can also develop the Ideas of a pattern by your own creativity.

For the records, please make sure that you have no left of the components you have prepared. After you did well, you can do the trial to make sure it works properly. You can also place it on the door if you want to make sure the placement is correct and match with your need.

At the last words, I hope my electronic project knowledge of making a simple doorbell can help you in advance! Thank you.

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