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Simple tips that you should try before buying LED TV

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Want to buy a new LED television in 2018? Do not rush, try to learn how to choose the right LED TV and wisely! So you do not get any regrets or dissatisfaction in the future.

Talk about choosing LED TV, of course not apart from certain kaedah-kaedah. Such as the size or dimensions that adjust the area of ??the room, color and a detailed picture, Model and so forth. Well, so you understand how to determine a good TV and suitable for your home, we quote from, consider some simple and important tips below that you should try!

1. Room size
Before purchasing the LED TV first check the size of your room. It should be noted carefully. Because it relates to the health and comfort of the eyes of all family members. The ideal room size for the LED TV is about 2 meters. Of course, viewing distance while watching TV also affects comfort. Try not to get too close or even not too far away.
Here’s a list you can consider to determine your viewing distance while watching TV:

3 meters: 56 inch TV or more
2.5 to 3 meters: 46 – 55 inch TV
2 to 2.5 meters: TV 40 – 45 inch
1.5 to 2 meters: 32-39 inch TV

2. Color and picture detail
How to choose a good LED TV can not be separated from the affairs of the image quality that is served. Each manufacturer’s LED TV has several features, such as samsung LED TV with Wide Color Enhancer feature. That is technology that can sharpen the hidden image details and colors more accurately. So, watch any image impressions will appear brighter and the same as the original.

3 HDMI and USB ports.
The next important thing to consider is the availability of HDMI and USB port connections. Input in the form of HDMI port or High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), allows users to connect various digital devices to the LED TV quickly. Enjoying live entertainment from your Hard Disk or Flash Disk and other USB memory drives will become easier thanks to the USB port on the LED TV. You can enjoy movies, view photos or listen to music just simply connect the device to the LED TV.

4. Save energy
Use of power consumption should also be included in the criteria tips to buy LED TV. All the advanced features of the LED TV feels more perfect when equipped with technology that can be energy efficient. In terms of energy saving, LED TV is really good. LED TVs produce a spectrum of light that is converted into quality images. Therefore, the use of electrical energy will be more efficient and economical when compared to conventional TV.

5. Price
One thing that is not less important is the price, the price is one benchmark in comparing the quality and quality of a product. Where not always expensive goods are much better and quality of similar goods are cheaper. Do not usually tempted by the television is packed nicely and expensive berbandrol. It could be a brand or a different type of LED TV and the price is cheaper than that it is much better and satisfying.

6. Warranty
It has been a shopping ethic for a long time, that goods that have a warranty are far more important than similar goods sold without warranty. Always make sure that the LED television you purchase has complete documents with respect to available warranty facilities. Do not get written on the ‘1 Year Warranty’ package, but no document you take home as the primary procedure to redeem the warranty in the future. In addition, keep the warranty from the shop where the purchase of LED TV is an official warranty from the vendor, not just a warranty from the owner of his shop.

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