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Travel Diary In Geneva, Switzerland, With A Family In Tow

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Travel Diary In Geneva, Switzerland, With A Family In Tow

Geneva the beautiful, Geneva the algida.

Lying on the shore of Lake Leman as a precious pearl, adorning the exact center of the ancient continent, this lovely town embodies all the elegance and strength of European culture, both heritage and the fruit of the inestimable wealth of logical and moral rigor which has been there for centuries.

The ideal stage for my slow wanderings of now hoary and tired antiviaggiatore, with family in tow, moreover; or maybe, do a little ‘you, the simple desire to please his wife, approaching best time to visit mexico, once in a while, a destination that was at least a bit’ chic.

And so, while we go to pay homage to my favorite philosopher in the museum set up in his birth house in the heart of the old city … and to admire the mute, gigantic and severe effigies of the austere Founding Fathers of the Reformation …

We do not disdain, however, at the same time to indulge in some of the typical sweetness of the place; all the more so because in some cases they even bear the name of our town of origin, renowned and historical producer of the fine hazelnuts that fill them, to the point of giving the ancient Latin name to the same product that the Swiss chocolate today is inspired by (end of promotional insert dedicated to Irpinia gastronomy).

What does this portrait of Farel have to do with it, do you say With chocolate hazelnut avellane or avellinesi, little or nothing but this picture I was advanced from the previous paragraph on the Reformers Fathers, and since I liked but I did not know where to put it, then I thought to put it here, sure you would have appreciated. No

Do not think in any way that the Swiss is a sugary or sugary world; because, and it is known, the Swiss also have their bitterness; and also those, coincidentally, linked to the reforms, to those of today, however, to the new international financial dictates. You would have never said that, even outside the European Union, the casinos always seem the same, namely

But yes, but yes, that we care about the past, we are interested in the future, and not only that of the next cuts and reforms of our pensions so that we went to CERN, the European Council for Nuclear Research, to Meyrin, just outside the city.

What a cool one, eh You breathe an air of such freedom of thought and scientific independence that I also put my beautiful t-shirt, the one that praises tolerance and dialogue!

Protons, neutrons, tachyons, bosons, accelerations, drills, nanoparticles … those who understand us are good! But it’s not all oil that shines …

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