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10 Things More Important to me Than Your Notes

Your grades are not the most important to me.
My children, my Marias, my greatest loves, your notes are not the most important to me. I’ll say it again. Your grades are not the most important to me. And if I ever say they are, please oblige me to read this text aloud at least 10 times. Your grades are not the most important to me. In the midst of all the uncertainties surrounding maternity decisions, here I have no doubts.

Do I want you to have good grades? I really want. Do I want you to strive and be good students? I really want.

But there are 10 things (maybe even more) that to me are more important than your notes and do not necessarily have to be in this order:

  1. Let them understand the connection between the words effort and reward and believe that this connection will always be present in everything in your life, at school, at home, in friendship and in love. That they accept that although there is no reward without effort, there can be effort without reward
  2. That they know that the value of a person is mainly in what he gives and receives and that this is not expressed in any scale of evaluation
  3. May you take great care of yourself and each one of you and each other. That they be the best friends and that they trust each other like no one else
  4. Do not see me as a friend but as your mother and if you realize that this relationship will always be stronger than any other friendship
  5. That they continue to pull me to dance in the kitchen and that I always drop everything for a dance to 2 or 5 (” seriously even this is more important than our notes?” Madreiiiii has notion that from now on it will still be more dancing and even less study? ” )
  6. That they ask me for parties in the back and that surprise me with hugs from the back
  7. May they continue to invade my bed in the morning with smeared kisses and long hugs
  8. To learn that at home everyone should participate in the tasks and not just help
  9. May they be honest with you and with others. Educated with classmates and teachers. Educated inside the classroom, in the canteen and in the cafe opposite the school. Who respect other opinions even contradictory to yours. Do not defend your opinion just because yes, accept change if it makes more sense to you. Let them report what they do not think is right and listen to whoever needs help
  10. May they always remember that I AM HERE






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