10 Ways To Cover The Walls In A Modern Way

10 Ways To Cover The Walls In A Modern Way

In this Book of Ideas, we will deal with how to play with modern-style house walls. Too often, in fact, the only function assigned to the walls is that of bearing elements, as is natural, so tralasciandone the potential in decorative terms, that is not fully exploited. In fact, you may think of the walls as a canvas on which to intervene creatively, enriching them with textures, different materials, signs, and drawings of all kinds. the choice of being empty even at that point, becomes a conscious choice, taking into account the balance of each room and the house in general, in order to develop a project of organic interiors and effective. Let’s see how.

Natural fibers

To enrich a wall of new textures, you can use natural fibers such as cork and raffia solebars. To be used with care to give a new material consistency to the walls, but avoid areas exposed to moisture, which could erode the value of the materials. Very useful, also, as sound insulating materials.

Tiles for the bathroom

A classic piece of furniture for the bathroom is ceramic tiles, which, however, may be preferred as small pieces of a mosaic. A versatile and smart way to give new life to the bathroom walls, by adding colors and shades.

The wood for a warmer atmosphere

Seek also wood for the walls is a way to ensure a more hot environment atmosphere, and at the same time to hide any imperfections of the masonry walls. Shades and grain of the wood can be used to avoid repetition and monotony in a space configuration.

The wallpaper

A classic and refined way to review the configuration of the walls is to use the wallpaper, such as we see. The brocade pattern is reminiscent of luxurious country houses and castles.

The ancient touchstone

The exposed stone immediately recalls the atmosphere of the past, introducing a note that breaks with the classical scheme of uniform walls and stereotyped of the modern home.

A green wall

A green wall will put a natural note inside the house. A fresh angle to break the cold sequence of masonry walls, and literally, breathe in the house.

Paintings and sculptures

A simple and always effective way to liven up the walls is to use paintings and sculptures. The mixture of different styles, like the image that we see, can make an interesting and vital wall.

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