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10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

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Have you ever wondered how to make your dog happy? How do you usually feed him? Do you let him smell everything within his grasp? And are regular walks usually part of your routine?

In this article, we will share some advice so that your pet will feel like the king of your home. Let’s get to know 10 ways to make your dog happy.

Try to keep it clean and brushed

Dogs like to feel clean and cared for. Therefore, one brushing regularly not only can make your most beautiful animal but also helps prevent some skin diseases.

Besides, this moment is very important, both for the animal and for the owner, since it helps strengthen the bond between them. Of course, you will enjoy the interaction that can be achieved with your little friend.

Keep your ears clean to avoid mites or infections. Brush your teeth frequently and bathe at least once a month.


Cut your dog nails

On the other hand, pay attention to your dog’s nails. If they get too long, your puppy can be seriously affected. Ask your veterinarian what are the best tips for cutting them.


Choose the right food

The power is also very important. For this, choose high-quality foods that promote the health and well-being of your dog.

And do not forget that the food should suit the age of your pet. Do not let your puppy feed on adult food.

Keep your drinking fountain in fresh water. A bowl of water is vital to the good health of your pet. So you should always keep your plate full of water.

Avoid fleas. These troublesome bugs can make your pet feel really uncomfortable. What’s more, they cause allergies and transmit diseases.


Pay Attention to Your Dog’s Health

Sterilization, or castration, is a good option to preserve your dog’s health. Thus, they will lead longer and healthier lives and, in addition, we avoid overpopulation of animals.

Your dog must be thin. Do not give leftover food to him and maintain his regular exercise routine.

Try to keep away any toxic elements from your reach and do not medicate your dog with medicines that are usually prescribed for humans.


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