13 Brilliant Ideas for Your Home with Less Than 50 Euros

13 Brilliant Ideas for Your Home with Less Than 50 Euros

Who said that the most innovative solutions are always the most expensive These pictures are proof of the opposite! Sometimes it’s really not enough to add a brilliant touch to our home.

Let’s go along with the photographs proposed by our experts and we find 13 brilliant home ideas for less than 50 euros. From the hooks under the kitchen shelves to the modular furniture, 13 simple and cheap tricks to add a touch of novelty.

A lively color for an old furniture

We give new personality to our home by painting a vibrant old-fashioned color, perhaps choosing a contrasting shade with the existing decor an inexpensive and impressive idea, much used by home stagers.

Add a hook to the kitchen shelves

Space in the kitchen is never enough we add hooks to the shelves to hang the ladles and utensils. Maybe we could take this photo out and fix the bars for the glasses, just like at the bar!

Decorate the entrance with scenic plants

Does the entrance of the house seem too anonymous Impreziosiamola by adding scenic plants such as dwarf spruce or small boxwood hedges add a decorative pot and butter, the house will have a new look!

Polish the parquet

Parquet has always its charm. Sometimes, however, time leaves its mark, blurring its beauty in part to bring it back to the ancient splendor it is enough to polish it with a specific product or, if we prefer natural remedies, with a solution of wax and olive oil.

Paint the interior of the fireplace in black

Let’s give a touch of contemporaneity to an ancient fireplace by painting the inside parts of the black an inexpensive idea to quickly renew the look of our stay.

Add a touch of white at the entrance

The entrance is the dive environment we welcome our guests and for this it is important to personalize it decorate it with white furniture and accessories for a fascinating total white effect.

Create an original showcase for our little treasures

Sometimes even old memories can become a fascinating decorative motif for example, we could take this idea from the Arch. GIANLUCA FACCHINI to create an original showcase for our little treasures.

Give a new personality to the chandelier

Does the chandelier of the stay look like a little dated Personalize it by decorating it according to our estrangement if we are looking for some idea, we can read ‘Do It yourself 6 lamps at no cost!’.

Apply with boxes and colored containers

Does our children’s room always feel disordered We work with colorful boxes and containers, perfect to place every object in its place and at the same time to decorate with joy.






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