15 Most Trendy Male Hairstyles on This Year

Year 2018 and colored with new trends, one of which is the hair style. Since early 2017, many have begun to update themselves with new styles.

From there look the trend that will run for a year ahead. In fact, these styles are still reliable this year. What are the hairstyle trends in 2018 this? And what style can still be used this year 2018? We see, yes.

17 Most Trendy Male Hairstyles This Year

1. Party on the top

The concept is simple, leaving only the top of your hair only.

2. Tousled bangs

Start by letting your top long hair, comb forward and shape your hair using gel or wax. You can play the color also at the top of your hair.

3. Wavy bounce

Especially you who have natural hair wavy, let it grow at the top, long trim that down and crop the hair around the ear.

4. Long and unravel beautifully

If you’ve never had a long hair experience, maybe this is it. Once in a lifetime, have at least shoulder length hair.

5. Front fringe

Make sure the top and back of your hair remain short. But the front let it elongate, you can let it fall just so there is the impression of a bangs or make it a bit tired.

6. Look “just wake up”

Many women today judge a man who has messy hair in all directions is interesting. If you’re comfortable with that, just try it. Why not?

7. Gray is charming

The color of silver or gray has become very trendy lately, a lot of hair dye that provides this color. Gray hair is also used as a status symbol in some areas.

8. Super quiff

It’s time to grow and splice your upper hair. When your upper hair is long, you can make any kind of style, either combed or spikey.

9. Enhanced crop

This piece is actually a common piece, but it takes the game the thickness of each layer of hair. To keep the style, you can use gel or wax.

10. Back to the ’90s

Many things make you nostalgic like back to the 90s right? Likewise with the hairstyle, many men start to revive the styles again.

11. Side comb

Whose word does this style look like? Precisely many adult men who are faithful with this style because it shows the impression gentleman. Whether your hair is wavy or straight, you need to try to see if it suits you or not.

12. Short and sassy

Even though your hair is short, you can play with the motive. For example, separating the top of your hair and bottom with a clear line or an interesting shave motif.

13. Super long slide

It’s a dramatic style and will probably not be liked by generations over your parents. However, this style can be very attractive in certain conditions. You will stand out from other men and this style is considered very masculine for most women because of the adventurous impression.

14. Magical impression

Playing with pastel and neon colors will create a magical impression of your appearance. At least you will attract attention around you and if it matches your skin color and your hair, the right hair color will sedate the woman’s interest around you.

15. Man bun

Many are impressive of this rash style as a hermit of the Indian interior and too ancient. But if you feel comfortable, you need to keep this style. Some women find this style interesting and they will feel that you feel good about yourself. No matter what people say, keep your comfort.






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