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17 Fantastic Ideas to Exploit Stone to Vista

17 Fantastic Ideas to Exploit Stone to Vista

The exposed stone represents an architectural and decorative solution for enriching the interior and exterior of the house. The richness from both the material and the chromatic point of view, the extraordinary tactile qualities of the stone, represent unique opportunities for architects and interior decorators in this Book of Ideas we will see 17 projects that show how to make the most of it. Let’s see them together.

For an exterior wall

For a solid but also rich texture in terms of texture, stone is an excellent solution. How can we see in this image, with the wide variety of shapes, size colors.

For a rustic fireplace

The stone constitutes the structure of the wood-burning furnace that we see. In this case the surfaces have been painted white so that they can be integrated with the modern context in which they are inserted.

For the wall behind the television

A stone-built wall that gives the living room vivacity and movement, inserted in a modern, elegant and stylish style.

For the façade

An original façade with stone to decorate the chimney that stands out through the wooden sloping roof in a rich matte and chromatic combination.

For entry

Surfaces rich in different shapes and shades, with high-quality tactile qualities to make your home entrance uncomplicated and inviting.

For the stone wall behind the couch

As we can see in this picture, the stone-faced wall is a decorative solution with a great scenic impact, enhanced by an interior lighting project that features light beams that come in from both the ceiling and the table lamps, To exalt the stone’s protruding surfaces.

For an architectural detail

The underlying idea that stone is material to be relegated to limited use of rustic projects is definitely wrong. As we can see in this image, this is a solution that can fit into, enriching them, in the context of modern projects such as what we see.

To emphasize an external staircase

In this case, the configuration of the external staircase is played on tonal and material contrasts. The dark shades and the irregular shapes of the exposed stone are associated with light shades and compact lines of marble steps.

For a modern project

A contemporary home that combines white and bright surfaces with a stone-framed insert that explores dark and warm shades in an elegant and stylish style combination.






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