A Conceptual Garden In Small Home

A Conceptual Garden In Small Home

The integration of landscape and architectural features of the house can be supported by a conceptual garden like what we see. The idea is that the development of the house is accompanied by the parallel of the garden. The outer scale, for example, is developed compared to that of tree branches, because it can collect the fruits, so that the tree becomes the focal point of the rational development both of the exterior of the interior of the house.

rustic garden

The same configuration of the house can dictate the garden that adorns the front. The rustic style of the garden that we see, in fact, seems a natural development of the style of the house. The element that characterizes the development is the presence of a large tank around which the plants seem to grow spontaneously, almost like the banks of a small natural lake. Stones of various sizes interspersed the presence of small trees of various sizes and shapes. A casual and elegant way to introduce the home, as simple as sophisticated.

The garden as a business card

The garden can become the calling card of the house. As a fact, a house with modern lines we see in this case, the facade of which prevail the windows and then the search for an organic relationship between interior and exterior, fluid penetration, is introduced by a simple and sophisticated garden at the same time. The flight of sharp lines is part of a lawn bordered by shrubs and manicured flower beds, where, however, is installed with its verticality exuberant a palm, exotic plant and visually striking.

A garden planted with trees

The project that we see in this image presents an idea of ??very detailed and complex garden, in which the classic presence of a lawn and hedges that attend, calling, development, plus the presence of medium to large trees and shrubs dimensions. creepers, then, are the very structure of the outer walls. The facade of the house, in this way, is to emerge from the natural space that seems to enclose it and embrace it fully. The plants and the countryside by then become the protagonists, and the house back to them seem like a natural extension, in a role reversal with respect to the urban architectural standards.
An input garden

What we see represented is a very simple entrance garden, which can hold together effectively architecture and nature. The tree that characterizes the development is built in brick staircase, lined with leafy trees, which seem to move in continuity with climbing the facade. The lawn that leads to the flight of steps, naturally, this blend of man-made space and natural space.






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