A Flat That Exploits the Maximum Sliding Doors (Milan)

A Flat That Exploits the Maximum Sliding Doors (Milan)

Today we will see how the architect FILIPPO COLOMBETTI has brilliantly realized the design of an apartment in Milan. A large day area has been created that combines living room, kitchen and dining area. In the apartment there is a room that normally functions as a studio and can be used as a guest room if necessary. It was therefore necessary to allow direct access to the service corridor and integration with the living area, but also to allow any guests to maintain the right privacy.

The problem was solved by creating sliding walls in the entrance that, when closed, isolate the guest room. The peculiarity of these full-height walls and doors is their curved shape that creates movement and allows for smooth integration between the environments.

Walls like sails

Here is the curved entrance with sliding walls that create a kind of sail, giving motion and giving fluidity to the connection between the various environments.

A modern and bright open space

From the entrance you can access the spacious and bright living room. The modern décor, all based on light and neutral colors, is warm and welcoming from the wooden floor and from the large carpet in dark red tones.

A scenic library

The large bookcase that occupies the entire floor from floor to ceiling is very scenic and alone enough to decorate and decorate the entire environment. In the niche, at the window, a second study area was created thanks to the specially designed furniture composed of a desk and armchair.

Sliding panels

The living room is joined to the kitchen and dining area. Sliding, full-height, transparent but sliding panels serve to separate the spaces, creating a sense of fluid continuity.

The modern and functional kitchen

The modern and spacious kitchen is played on the contrast between the decor white and the warm tones of the floor and the bottom wall, whose dark red, which recalls the large rug of the living room, is in itself a decoration and a backdrop To the environment in a spectacular fashion to the large bookcase of the living room.

A comfortable work plane

The large work desk, with its comfortable and large drawers and compartments, creates the division between the kitchen and the dining area. Even in this case the distinction between the two environments is clear but there is no visual interruption, and indeed, the same plane allows easy passage of dishes and food between the two environments.






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