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A Renovation To Modernize An Apartment

A Renovation To Modernize An Apartment

Who would not want to live in a warm, comfortable and functional Today we’ll show you an apartment skillfully renovated to meet the above characteristics.

The apartment, located in Oeiras, appeared outdated and impractical but, thanks to the intervention of experts SAMF Arquitectos, a study operating since 1999 and based in Lisbon, it was possible to get a hospitable place, modern and comfortable, just like they wanted the new owners.

Let’s see the details through the following selection of pictures!

First – A day disorganized area

We start by showing you how it appeared the living area before the restructuring. Although this is a large space, disorganization reigned. The partitions were created two distinct environments that were poorly lit and somewhat cramped. The solution was to create a single large room, which would be much more open and friendly result.

A minimalist kitchen

The proposed project designed for the kitchen is simple and minimalist. The visible accessories are limited only to what is really necessary, keeping everything else in mobile and away from prying eyes.

White is the main color that characterizes this space but it is not the only one. At this also it joins the silver color steel appliances.

Sweet dreams

We enter now in the master bedroom, where the atmosphere is white and clean. This is the ideal room to enjoy hours of deep sleep after an exciting day exploring the beautiful city of Lisbon.

All elements of the room are simple and functional. Near the bed we are just a small chest of drawers where to put your clothes and personal items.

the bedroom

The house also has an extra room ideal for families or groups of friends who wish to travel together. The selected tones to this environment belong to a palette of soft colors like white and gray while some element surprise sporting a bright yellow color.

Children will appreciate the simple, youthful and fun!

The study area

A small desk placed along the wall allows visitors to organize a perfect space to work in absolute silence. This is an ideal solution for those who do not have enough space at home to devote to study.

A modern bathroom

The bathroom follows the same line aesthetics of the rest of the house. Simple, direct and modern lines, this space is designed in a minimalist style so as to maximize the amplitude.

The sitting area

And so to the final surprise! We find ourselves in the same terrace that we showed you earlier, but from another perspective. Here we can see a small table perfect for al fresco dining, and a fantastic hammock where swinging in a relaxing afternoon.






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