Before And After An Incredible Transformation House

Before And After An Incredible Transformation House

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The house we want to propose has been bought by the owners and completely transformed. Two adjacent apartments were joined together in the renovation work, totaling 190 square meters. A spacious and spacious house that has hidden many challenges that we will see.

The renovation project was entrusted to professionals from Sfera Imagens Lda, a team that started its business in 2006 by developing projects internationally. Their reconversion work ranges from private homes, hotels, public buildings and more.

Let’s see the work done together!

First dark and narrow spaces

The living room initially looked like this a dark and narrow space. The potential was so much, but seeing that everything seemed to be smaller and invisible.

The pavement was in wood, and the small, light little windows could not give a sense of breadth to the house. The transformation suffered was integral and completely changed the face to this home.

After a large and bright room

Following the restructuring, the result is shocking. A darker and less livable space is now bright, wide and well defined. The walls were painted white to give more luminosity to the environment.

Once again the walls were useful allies to create shelves where to put objects and books, creating a cozy and warm living area.

First a narrow and small corridor

This image represents the entrance corridor before the change. A narrow, dark space with the presence of wood weighing only the space.

After a modern and bright entrance

The after-renovation leaves breathless. A bright space and great potential. Who would have said that this corridor was the previous one Simple enough minds to make it an elegant and very bright environment.

First Unspecified cuisine

This is the kitchen before the renovation work. An area from the wide spaces with potential not indifferent but once again it was not given the right value.

Strong and strong colors have created disharmony in the environment, so the professionals have intervened first by changing the shades of the kitchen. Let’s see the transformation!

After a bright and elegant kitchen

After the team’s intervention the space seems almost unrecognizable. The kitchen, modern and contemporary, has been divided so as to be as functional as possible. White is the predominant color that manages to give the environment a new image, brighter and broader.

Next rooms for the little ones

We conclude our trip to this bedroom designed to accommodate two children. The use of a green panel dividing the two beds is a practical and lively solution. The furnishings are also in line with this playful and ridiculous spirit.

Did you enjoy this transformation that has incredible Visit our site to find products and more.
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