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How to make dating become like before

After months of dating a cat, a neighbor came to me with the utmost dismay.

To help my plate, I asked him why he was like that and the guy told me that the relationship had lost its breath, looking like a shadow of what it was at first.

The main doubt of my neighbor was this: how to make dating become like before?

Well, I advised the boy according to my own experiences, after all, I had been in a very similar situation for some time.

It was enough to remind me of everything I had done to help my comrade make that fire before it lit again, guaranteeing an upward relationship to him.

Here’s how to make dating become like before


1. More chivalry

It is common for us to try to impress the woman at the beginning of the approach and even in the early stages of the relationship.

However, time makes us forget the chivalry that was crucial in the conquest. Thus, the desire is waning, at the same frequency in which the gestures of kindness are diminishing.

The guy I was counseling followed my first advice successfully.

When he spoke to his girlfriend, he treated her again as if he had just met the girl, who was again attracted and happy because of simple but completely effective actions, such as sending messages in the middle of the day to express longing or give gifts on days that were not special dates.


2. Caring for one’s own visual

One thing that helped me and that was also beneficial to my neighbor was the resumption of attention with the visual itself.

After conquering the girl for whom I was in love, I relaxed a little. Soon, the trips to the gym were rare and the concern with what I ate was no longer part of my routine, something that the guy who lived near me also lived.

To solve this problem, the boy returned to look after himself and his health. So the girl with whom he had a relationship turned to look at him wanting to get enough of him.

Only a greater whim when choosing the clothes and trimming the beard was enough to bring about the expected effect.


3. Less idolatry

One mistake of many men is to idolize the women with whom they are, and to live for the girl in question.

Of course practically every cat likes to gain a lot of attention, but this in excess ends up wearing down the couple’s interaction, especially if the guy stops doing healthy things he used to do, like going out with friends.

Thinking about it, I advised my neighbor to resume certain friendships and activities, so that the courtship was more independent and no one felt suffocated.






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