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How To Read Photography Picture

How To Read Photography Picture – Let’s take Stuart Franklin’s picture, Tiananmen Square (1989), as an example stylistically responds to very few rules. But he won a Pulitzer Prize for the meaning he is embarrassed. In fact, when we look at a photo we always have to ask at least three questions what, how and why. What did he want to capture the photographer How did this photo take effect, what rules did it apply But especially why did you decide to capture that exact moment

Another aspect a photographer has to take into account is the relationship between photography (the shot taken) and the reality two distinct things that often and willingly will very hardly succeed in merging. The more the subject will be attractive or dramatic, the more complicated it will be for the photographer to make the photograph reflect the reality, the context in which it was taken. Again, I recall Franklin’s photo, a very simple photo that has made the drama of the Tiananmen Square clashes much more than he can make the photo below. Yet both shots were made in the same days, in the same clashes and both with the intent of showing the world what was happening in China.

Lastly, let’s remember that beauty is a relative concept what’s good for me is probably ugly for someone else. So let’s not focus on taking pictures of what we think is fine but, again, let’s focus on taking pictures that can communicate something.In the previous photo, on the contrary, the photographer emphasized the frame. The eye is caught by it but because of the repetition of the pattern and colors in a short time it will move to the center of the scene which is definitely different in color.In the second case the vegetation is much more laborious but the frame effect, so depth and direction for the eye are still present.And learning to communicate is the biggest challenge for a photographer. A challenge that goes through attempts, study, but above all observation. And ability to learn from what the one who preceded has been able to do so. Study, but above all, read the photos.

And if there are no natural frames No problem, you can create a piece of cut paper or your hands are perfect frames. What to say about the picture here, for example Simple in its composition has the ability to attract the photographer’s curiosity almost morbidly. And say that the photographer used only two hands …






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