How to Replace a Laptop CPU

Your computer may run faster with a CPU upgrade, but first, you have to make sure the CPU you are buying is compatible with the chipset on your computer. You can check with your computer or motherboard manufacturer to check compatibility. Replacing the CPU is very easy, and a quick process, if you follow the proper steps.

Things You’ll Need

  • Anti-Static Wristband
  • Thermal Paste

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  1. Shut down the computer and remove the battery.
  2. Attach the anti-static wrist strap to your wrist and alligator it to a metal part of your computer.
  3. Remove the laptop’s bottom panels and remove them.
  4. Release the CPU fan and remove it.
  5. Turn the locking screw onto the CPU. This screw will be marked with the image of a lock. Turn the unlocked padlock screw.
  6. Pull the CPU to remove it. When properly unlocked, it will remove easily.
  7. Place the new CPU into the socket, making sure to match the standard pin on the bottom of the CPU to the socket. Do not force the CPU, it will easily fall into place
  8. Turn the padlock screw to the “lock closed” position to lock it in place
  9. Place a pea-sized amount of thermal compound in the center of the CPU.
  10. Screw the fan onto the CPU.
  11. Squeeze the panels back on the bottom of the laptop. Turn on the computer. BIOS should automatically detect the new CPU and adjust the settings to what is needed.







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