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How to & Tips Back to Ideal After Childbirth

Your priority after the baby is born into the world of course is to maintain and care for her wholeheartedly, while ensuring your health remains optimal, especially in the breastfeeding period. But if you feel less confident or to stress due to weight is still stretchy, there’s nothing wrong to do some of the things below to help the body back to the weight before pregnancy.


1. No need to diet

You’ve just given birth to a cute baby but you’re still worried about excess weight. Then you feel that a strict diet is the best, and fastest way, to restore your weight? You are wrong. Diet will actually make you difficult to lose weight. The easiest way to lose weight is to reduce “empty calories”. Foods with empty calories are foods full of fat and sugar, but they do not contain good nutrition for you. Try to avoid cakes, cookies, and sweet drinks like soda and alcohol, and reduce consumption of junk food like pizza and burgers.

2. Eat a lot of “superfood”

It feels much easier if we eat available and available food near us, but you need nutrition, especially because you are breastfeeding. Choose foods high in protein such as meat, chicken, and beans. You also need calcium that can be obtained from milk, yogurt, and cheese. Fish like salmon is a good superfood type because it contains DHA and omega 4 fatty acids that are good for your baby.

3. Choose a good snack

Snacking will not be a problem if you choose a good snack and reduce snacks that contain lots of sugar and fat. Choose snacks like fresh fruit or unsweetened cereals, reduce unhealthy snacks like soda, candy, and chips because they are high in calories but do not have enough nutrition. You can eat a snack while nursing.

4. Feed your baby

Breastfeeding is already well known for health, but it turns out breastfeeding is also good to shrink waist circumference. Many women say that breastfeeding can help them restore their weight as usual. Breastfeeding can burn hundreds of calories per day.

5. Drinking water

You have to drink plenty of water. Sometimes it is difficult to tell when you are thirsty and when you are hungry. If you drink lots of water at once, you even feel full and do not want to eat a snack. And if your body is dehydrated, your body will be slower in burning calories. At least drink a glass of water each time you breastfeed.






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