The Best Antivirus Android Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

The Best Antivirus Android Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus software (available via fully free of charge) for the most complete protection on Android devices. Sublime protection against any malicious app, has always achieved in extremely close to 100% test results. It can detect with its scans any malware without exception, while it is very close to perfection in terms of real-time protection; really nothing to complain about its efficiency.

But the highlight is on usability and functions that are even more relevant aspects. The consequences that this application on the battery are practically nil, even with its various tools the can only get better. Even the robot performance remains completely unchanged, with zero slowdowns even with fairly heavy app. Our vote is really up on its daily use. As regards the functions are immense and it is really one of the most supplied. E ‘available anti theft protection, a function to block unwanted calls and messages and even real-time protection of navigation and anti phishing. And there’s more, this software looks like an antivirus for PC because it still has other even unusual features not found on other apps. And ‘this an app manager that allows you to block those who do not want to work in the background. Then there is also a built-in firewall, and also protection for WiFi networks. Same for privacy, which is totally preserved inside the device with the ability to set PIN codes and restrictions on each element.

The best antivirus for iPhone and iPad iOS Lookout Backup, Security and Missing Device

Lookout Backup, Security and Missing Device is security software for the iPhone and iPad more complete and efficient on iOS. Its scanning engine has as main strength to have a lightning speed, by detecting the virus even before the end of the download and installation of applications. also fails to note is adware (or malicious apps that once installed placing advertising inside the device) and has a broad spectrum of action, although not complete with regard to non-downloaded files, but already present in the device (but for as for iOS remains among the best). But this is offset by truly outstanding performance the virus has no effect on performance that remain perfect as before installation, and also does not consume anything for the battery of the iPhone and iPad.I would add that there is a great interface, very immediate and easy to use at every option to choose from. Source:






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