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We Learn From Great Photographers

We Learn From Great Photographers

The photograph, as is often said in other articles, is passion. And ‘invention is the ability to turn a thought into an image. The problem is obviously realizing this photograph: no one is born “learned”. And in this regard, a great help comes to us from those who best and most of us have been able to do photography. Those who, often, have written the history of this art and whose shots are seen by millions of people.

Great photographers in the section you can find the biographies of many masters of photography and, in this article, I will summarize some of the ideas from their images can be taken out in order to improve our vision of the world and, consequently, how to capture it in the image.

We learn from great photographers – Minor White

Born in the summer of 1908 in Minneapolis, Minor White held jobs as a waiter, bartender and has also worked as a military spy during World War II. He was a very spiritual man and his beliefs have spread to his photography. Co-founder of the magazine Aperture with Ansel Adams and other prominent photographers, Minor was also an early advocate of the Zone System introduced by Adams and Fred Archer. Early practitioner of infrared photography, Minor White has dared to venture into the matrix material, besides taking care of small objects or subjects often overlooked as the frost on the windows and crumbling structures are some of his most acclaimed.

The lessons that can be learned by Minor White:

Take pictures forever, even if you do not have a camera. Minor said he was always ready mentally to photograph everything in order to practice. Especially in modern times where time has become increasingly stingy and to dedicate the goal it is never enough, we can use our minds to “photograph” a scene, considering the pros and cons. Imagine if such exposure can picture can be ruined by the passage of a car. Which opening would give us enough depth of field to focus on that sign away? By doing these mental pictures will be more prepared the next time you hand in your camera.

Do not overlook small items and details. Some of the most famous works of Minor are seemingly trivial. Put yourself in search of textures, patterns, textures of objects in every day. Why for example neglected raindrops on a window?






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