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6 Benefits of Drawing for Children

Several studies have shown that the benefits of drawing for children are many. Increased self-esteem, improved psychomotor skills and a greater appreciation of art are just some of them. What are you waiting to sit with the little ones around you to draw?

Benefits of drawing for children

1. Promotes communication with adults

For the little ones, drawing and painting are a way of expressing themselves with what they do better than with verbal language. In fact, experts recommend paying close attention to the drawings they create.

2. Increase self-esteem

As children learn to draw and paint, they feel better about themselves. In this sense, we must bear in mind that, in addition, there are no rules in the drawing that clearly indicate what is right and wrong and, therefore, can lead the child to frustration.

3. Contributes to relaxation

Drawing relaxes both the smallest and the oldest. This is because it allows evasion and expression of certain feelings.

In this line, as we have pointed out in a previous section, children, especially the youngest who still do not control verbal language, can, by drawing, using colors and shapes, express their feelings and communicate.

4. Improve psychomotor skills

Taking a pen, a marker, a pencil or a brush helps children train and regulate the movements of the wrist and hand. And this will subsequently have a very positive impact on tasks such as writing.

5. Fun

Having fun is essential for both children and adults. Drawing, while belonging to the field of creativity, allows new worlds to be created in which everyone is possible: pink trees, square peaches, flying houses, etc.

6. Can serve as therapy

For many of the reasons outlined in previous points, such as the contribution to the improvement of communicative capacity, creativity, etc., it can serve as therapy because the mental rest that it generates reduces stress and induces relaxation and happiness.

It is in this sense that many specialists consider that drawing is highly recommended for children with disorders that involve communication difficulties, very nervous or with problems of aggressiveness.

We see, therefore, that drawing has multiple benefits for the little ones, and also for adults. What are you waiting to sit with the little ones around you to draw?






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