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7 Things that make Your Kids Happy

Every parent knows what they want for their children. Or at least they assume that they know and believe that they are educating them and preparing them for the future in order to achieve the planned objectives. But have you really thought about this?

Do not assume you know the answer. Take a simple exercise, spend a day thinking about the question: What do I really want for my children?
There are days when we just want them to clean their rooms, do their homework, and sleep a good night’s sleep. In others, we delineate well-defined plans and begin to build what we consider to be the first foundations of their castles.

But the truth is that the answer is simple and unanimous: what we all want is for our children to be happy , now and forever.

Happiness is the most sought after commodity in the world, and can not be bought or bought. Happiness creates.
Here are 8 tips that, applied with patience and flexibility, will help you chart the path to your child’s happiness:


1. Be “The” example to follow

The best way to teach the path of happiness to your child is to show him that you are a happy person. He will become the seeker: children learn by observation and imitation and do not do what we tell them, but what we do. Hence the phrase ” Happy parents, happy children “.


2. Give it time

For our children, the synonym of happiness is us, the parents. Offer him your time and play with him. Spending quality time together will help you develop self-esteem and confidence. They will create bonds that will become the richest memories of your child, and also yours.

Teens, on the other hand, want things: give them time in it. They do not know, but that’s what they need.


3. Teach him to be thankful

Say thank you, it is more than being well-mannered. It is to be grateful for what we have. We can help them see the glass half full rather than half empty. Teach them to be happy with what they have, instead of being sad about what they do not have.


4. Let him develop his talents alone

. Happy people master a skill. When you take the first few pedals on the bike, your child learns to fall and get up so many times that he gets frustrated, this will teach him to be persistent and have willpower. When you finally manage to ride a bicycle, you will feel the taste of victory, the fruit of your own efforts.

No one is happy every minute of their life. Children need to learn to tolerate anguish and unhappiness. Our role is to teach them to walk, and not to carry them for the rest of their lives.


5. Let Him Make Choices

Children have very little control over their lives. We decided everything for your day to day, often without questioning what your choices would be. The power of choice teaches them to make decisions. Let him choose the clothing, or the dinner menu one night a week. Give him the opportunity to make small decisions. The feeling of control will make you happy.


6. Say “no”

The world will close many doors on your son’s face. More than you can imagine. If you want him to be happy, get used to hearing “no” when he’s at home surrounded by people who love him.
And the rest of the world thanks you for not having to deal with your son’s tantrums “they told me not for the first time”.


7. Let him express emotions

It is important to allow your child to be unhappy from time to time. Children need to know that it is okay to be sad, and that sometimes is part of life. Help him externalize and recognize his feelings. They need to feel our support at this point. Embrace him, he will feel you understand him.






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