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Category: Internet Business

  • Do you know what to do to issue Tax Notes?

    Do you know what to do to issue Tax Notes?

    It is worth mentioning that the MEI can bill up to 60 thousand reais per year, that is, the value of invoices issued cannot exceed this amount. In addition, it does not need to issue tax notes to individuals. Although it seems simple to be MEI, many people have doubts, after registering, on the correct…

  • Google Pay officially arrives in Brazil

    Google Pay officially arrives in Brazil

    Google announced today (20) the arrival in Brazil of Google Pay, a service that unifies Android Pay and Google Wallet, the two payment systems of the giant Mountain View. The application is already available in the Brazilian Play Store and aims to facilitate the making of payments both on the web and outside. The Google…

  • What is aaPanel? Something new

    What is aaPanel? Something new

    aaPanel is a very easy hosting control panel that works on CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu. I would opt for CentOS 7 as some of their one-click applications (such as a DNS Manager) are only possible for CentOS; they also recommend CentOS on the forums, albeit nowhere else. With this marvelous panel, it’s probable to manage…

  • Online Business Marketing Ideas

    Online Business Marketing Ideas

    Things You Should Know About Online Business Marketing From getting links to your website to achieving international contact by means of your web business, marketing has an important role within the internet marketing strategy of every small business. Online small business marketing isn’t any more an elaborate thing whenever you have 24×7 assistance from our…