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What is aaPanel? Something new

aaPanel is a very easy hosting control panel that works on CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu. I would opt for CentOS 7 as some of their one-click applications (such as a DNS Manager) are only possible for CentOS; they also recommend CentOS on the forums, albeit nowhere else.

With this marvelous panel, it’s probable to manage websites, databases and FTP accounts by default. A DNS Manager is also there, but just for CentOS 7. It also includes a mail server with a simple click.

How to Install aaPanel on VPS

It offers different flavors of Nginx, Apache, MySQL, PHP Static/PHP-FPM (PHP 5-7+), Redis, Memcached, etc, that must be installed easily by a click; and if you’re not on CentOS, the build compiles these by default – this stage can be a little time consuming, especially if you’re on a budget VPS.


How efficient is it?

Very. By default, once a website is added and once SSL is activated, SSL Labs gives you an A score; and because it’s super simple to edit the configuration files of each individual virtual host through the GUI, achieving an A+ in as simple as a few lines.

You’re browsing this blog on the new aaPanel software. I have obviously optimized my Nginx configuration further, but it correctly took me 10 minutes and I didn’t have to do it via the console! Win!

I have my panel on a basic $5 Vultr server with an average memory usage of 55% after the install. I would class that as great! The 55% usage could be even lower if the PHP-FPM type was set to ondemand however, this panel does not have that feature in the GUI.






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